Dispose Food the Right Way

garbage-disposalEnvironmentalist and activists have exploded with cautions over the past 10-15 years. Warning that our actions, over the course of our existence. Has steadily and progressively been destroying the earth’s environment, and taking away time from its lifespan. Global warming, carbon footprint, and recycling are three of the biggest buzz words used in these out cries.

But there is one that goes un-noticed. Not because we just don’t care, or at least that is not why most of us don’t think of it. But because it is a smaller part of the overall term “garbage”.

I am talking of course about, Food waste.

Think about it. How much food have you wasted in the last day or two, I can almost guarantee you that you threw away food, even at the smallest portion—just because you didn’t want to deal with it

It is this lazy mentality that has created the outcries and the immediate crisis’s we face in sustaining a healthier, greener, and long lasting earth. We waste billions of dollars worth of food every year, and unfortunately most of the time it is just the nature of the beast.

So what can you do to stop this trend?

What means do we have to properly dispose of our food waste?

Garbage Disposals

The majority of our waste is first dumped into one trash can, then to another, then to a compacting truck, and then to a landfill. Its quite the process isn’t it? It’s the worlds best available system for bulky trash.

But you can dispose of most of your foods just by having the best garbage disposal under your kitchen sink drain. Now don’t go jamming every single piece of food waste you have down there. Or your going to be purchasing a new one.


But for the majority of your soft and easy disposed of waste from food can be sent directly to those rapidly spinning blades, allowing it to be chopped into the closest liquid form it can to promote a higher flow rate out to the sewer systems.

Routine Maintenance is necessary for both operating and sanitary reasons but a quality garbage disposal can take the majority of your wear and tear while maintain an efficient operation. But I don’t care what brand you buy do not stuff garbage like

  • Cardboard or Newspaper
  • Plastic
  • Metal

But that majority of your food waste unless it is a rough and thick piece of waste that can potentially clog your system or dull your blade.

Why It’s Good

When you dispose of food waste by using a garbage disposal system. You are doing a complimentary service to your city or towns sewer system and wastewater treatment plant.

All wastewater from your kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom is drained out of your home and into a main sewer system.

From there it goes to your local waster water treatment plant where it is processed for efficient energy saving needs. By thinning out your waste with a garbage disposal, you are maximizing the flow rate and allowing it to get to the plant a much quicker pace.

Once it reaches the treatment plant, they will use different waters for different applications and processes. By doing this we are able to use it as reusable energy, and purify it through vigorous steps of chemical reactions so that it will become usable again. Sounds disgusting I know but these plants use the best processes known to man and use the most effective filtering systems and materials.

By using these plants and processes, we reduce food waste numbers and we don’t congest our landfills. Basically, it’s another form of recycling, just instead of cardboard, plastic, glass, and aluminum cans we are recycling the water and food waste we produce daily.

You can look up a wastewater treatment plant, and get a more in depth understanding of what exactly they do every garbage disposal-dontsday. The processes and applications are complex, and I just want you to understand the basic overview of how they work, so that you can be more educated on why using your garbage disposal for disposing waste can be so beneficial. Learn about some foods that you should never dispose of in your garbage disposal and throw those in your regular trash.

Or even better, if you want to stay as green as you possibly can. Create a compost pile outside in the backyard, or another area you can hide it. This will allow biodegradable food to decompose right back into the earth.

Using these food waste management resources can really make a difference, so if you have the ability, and the finances. I heavily suggest proper usage and installation of a garbage disposal for good food waste management.

Sewing Tips & Techniques

There are certain things you might need to check before you decide that your sewing machine needs to be repaired and send it out to the mechanics. Knowing these tricks will most probably save you lots of money.


Do I need to oil?

It depends. If your machine is showing troubles in stitching, you might want to try to oil it, but using just a few drops. Lubrication is something that helps the whole system work smoothly but it will not work miracles and using too much oil might have the opposite result in your machine.


Threads play an important role on the maintenance of your sewing machine you can read some more information here http://www.sewingmachineexpert.com/. If you use good quality of threads, new one and avoid old threads, you will see that no waste of cotton will be accumulated in the inner parts of the machine, causing them dirt and eventually block them from working properly.


You should change your needles often, even if they are not yet broken or damaged. If your needles bent or break, they will create huge problems in your sewing machine. You may notice that unexpectedly your machine is not stitching smoothly; instead it is causing the thread to break. This is a signal that you should change the needle.

Make sure that you are using the proper size and type of needle and thread for your machine. If you use larger or smaller sized needles, it may cause the thread to break.

Also, do not forget that the flat side of the needle has to face away from where the bobbin is placed. If the bobbin is inserted from the front side, than the flat side of the needle has to be facing the backside of the sewing machine and vice versa.

How to adjust tension?

This is the most delicate process when it comes to sewing. It needs proper training and untrained people should not try to do it. Only professionals that have experience with adjusting the tension to the bobbin should do it. The only positive side is that once it is set up, it doesn’t loose the settings just by itself anymore.

The usual setting of the bobbin is nr 4 and when the sewing machines get out of the factory they are set to zero. There is an indicator showing numbers from 0 to 9 that helps you realize what is the current setting on your machine.

If you think you have problems exactly with this part of your machine. You may try to verify your doubts by using two different colored threads. This way you will be able to realize what is giving you the troubles.

Stages Of Sleep & How Snoring Affects Them

baby-snoringSnoring affects your body and minds ability to get a quality night of rest. It is common knowledge, however, most of us don’t really know how it actually affects our sleep.

Each time that we sleep we go through various stages of sleep, and with basic understand of these stages, it will help you understand the long-term effects snoring can have on your health.

By learning this valuable information, you can then make a more educated decision on finding a anti-snoring product that will help you stop your snoring.

What Does Sleep Do?

Sleep studies have only recently stared to pick up steam. Eugene Aserinsky didn’t discover rapid eye movement during our sleep until the 1950s.

We know that sleep happens in different cycles throughout the night. Based on a 24 hour period, when we obtain uninterrupted sleep our body flows through about 90 – 100 minute cycles.

The average non-snorer gets about two hours of full sleep every night during their deepest sleep cycle. Except, this isn’t the case for someone who snores. Unfortunately those who snore do not get to achieve these depths of sleep, and therefore they do not get the kind of rest they need.

This is why even when a snorer gets 8 hours of sleep, they can still wake up feeling exhausted. It is also why this changes so frequently, where some days you feel well rested and others you just feel crummy.

Your Sleep Cycles

When you fall asleep, the activity in your body begins to slow down. During this cycle it is very common for you to have hypnagogic hallucinations and profound feelings during this cycle. For example when you feel you are falling or you hear someone call your name.


First Cycle

This is known as NREM or Non Rapid Eye Movement. It is a phase that transitions your brains alpha waves and turns them into theta waves, where your eyes begin to roll back in your head, and your muscles begin to depress.

Although these body functions are happening it does not reach your throat and mouth yet. That is why when someone is snoring, it doesn’t happen as soon as they fall asleep. This cycle will last about 5 to 10 minutes.

Second Cycle

Also known as the NREM2 stage, this cycle is when your brain waves begin to start portraying sleep. It is in this stage that your body begins to decompress and relax. During this cycle your tongue will collapse in your throat, which as you know is the cause for snoring—obstructing your airways.

On average the non-snorer only sleeps in this cycle for about half of their total sleeping time. While those who snore are stuck in this cycle for a lot longer than is normal.

If you are in this cycle and snoring loudly, it is common for your partner to nudge you awake or have you roll on your side. This interrupts your cycle and greatly affects your bodies ability to completely rest, since the next cycle is where your body actually begins to recharge.

Third Cycle

While you are in the NREM3, your brain begins to produce delta waves—which are slow moving brain waves. During this transition, your body reaches the final cycle of sleep which is also your deepest.

Commonly known as the restorative cycle, your bloody supply increases to your muscles which enhances their ability to repair themselves. It is during this cycle that your body stores this newly produced energy while hormones are released to advance your development & growth.

Fourth Cycle—REM

If you have consistent sleep, you will reach the fourth and final stage of sleep in about an hour and a half. This is known as Rapid Eye Movement, or REM.

If your snoring is consistently waking up throughout the night, your body doesn’t reach this stage. This is incredibly vital to your overall health and well being. This is when your brain takes in the largest amount of oxygen which allows it to repair and reset for the following day.

When you snore, the obstruction in your airway reduces the amount of oxygen your brain receives, giving you a small chance that your brain is getting the oxygen it requires.

The REM cycle is also when your muscles completely shut down and energy is built up for your brain and body. It is also when you burn a lot of your calories and promotes a healthier immune system.

As you can see this is by far the most important stage of sleep that you can achieve. It is when you are in the deepest stage, and you know when you have achieved it as soon as you wake up.

If your feeling groggy, can’t open your eyes, or your body feels achy and sore—you sleep cycles did not flow seamlessly throughout the night.

Your Health

As you can see, sleep is extremely important. But not only that—you need to make sure you are getting wuality sleep. Where you are reaching each cycle of sleep without any interruptions. Sleep deprivation causes so many issues, and can really be traced back to being the main source of any health issues you are having.

It is essential that if you are suffering from snoring every night, that you not only try to stop it with an anti-snoring device like a MAD or TRD for yourself. But for those who sleep near you. Your snoring may be interrupting their sleep as well—causing a lot of health issues for the both of you.

Find yourself a top snoring mouthpiece, and ensure yourself that you are getting the best amount of sleep. Giving you a clear mind, a healthy brain, and optimal performance in your life—daily!

7 Things My Boy Has Taught Me

Raising boys especially only boys, can be a total crazy job for a mum. Their boy brains will startle you make your heart skip a beat or two oftentimes. Underneath I share few points that are commonly not understood about boys but a mom knows.


1. Boys cry:

Boys need to be tough. But they are just human. Little boys do cry and its completely okay to cry over a broken beloved toy or a physical hurt or even an emotional dilemma. It takes a strong person to show his feelings. They need a shoulder and heartfelt sympathy specially from their moms instead of telling them boys don’t cry its better telling them don’t make someone else cry.

2. They are energetic:

Certainly a hell lot more than you. Probably will beat the energy of a Tasmanian devil too. It takes a lot to tire them out. Make them run and take laps around the house and may be they ll sit down for a few minutes. Not more than that. Expect them anywhere other than being on the floor like normal human. They are better off climbing kitchen counters or hanging from the window grill. Monkeying around they take it literally.

3. They can like “girl toys”:

No, little kids don’t know what boy or girl toys or colors are. They might fall in love with a pink wand at the toys store or they may enjoy a toy kitchen set so much it ll keep them busy for various minutes. Its okay totally. Its us grown ups that differentiate that cars are for boys and dolls for girls. So let their little imaginations fly. They ll play ball once they r grown for sure.

4. Bathroom smells like pee:

No matter how regularly you wash the bathroom floor it will smell like pee. That is apparently because no matter how careful the boys stay(chances of which are low) some pee will land on the floor. Tell your boys to wash or wipe the floor everytime they get the floor peed to keep odour at bay as much as possible.

5. Jokes may smell bad too:

But don’t worry not all boys are same. Bathroom and fart jokes can be funny or not will vary from one to the other. Although grouching is considered funny among a vast majority still not all boys enjoy getting their clothes messy.

6. They can be kind:

Sweet and loving and considerate too. You will not see it coming while you are sad but one of your boys is sure to come up and wrap his arms around you and say are you okay. Not just hugs kisses too a lot of them when they are younger. A compassionate boy is the cutest creature of the planet.

7. You have an important responsibility towards the society:

Yes, you are raising a man. And the world needs more good men. Anger and violence is in plenty it takes a great woman to raise gentlemen.

8 pregnancy secrets no one lets you in on

Pregnancy in real life is nothing like a Hollywood painted picture. It is a totally out of the regular life mind-body experience that stretch over a 9 month period turning a woman’s whole life upside down. You may have the idea that you might crave pickles at weirdest time of the day or you might or might not get stretch marks. But there is a whole lot of stuff (mostly nasty) you will never know about (because they are nasty and no one likes talking about them) unless you yourself enter this era of being pregnant.


1. You might become a gold digger:

Or nose picker as we normally say. All of a sudden the body decides to produce more mucus than normal once you are pregnant and you’ ll begin finding more boogers. More boogers inevitably leads to nose picking and if you have a toddler forget telling him not to pick his nose or be prepared to get a lecture from the same toddler, real soon.

2. Sweat:

While websites may pat this one down to “a little increased discharge” in reality there might be a whole lot of it. Particularly in the groin region which will cause you to reopen that undie drawer untouched for quite some time now. You ll need to go shop fo new pairs of undies as well as you will see you dont fit into the old ones comfortably and the sweat will leave you running out these way before the laundry day

3. You will be possessed by Nesting

Time to time a wave or two will strike by where you will have an uncontrollable urge to clean or rearrange or rid the home of anything that can be unsafe for the baby to come. You read that already on many websites but what you dont know is it would feel like may be you are on Adderall. Nothing will matter to you once you start your bizzare marathon, not the time, not your kids, not even an injured toe. Craze will be over only when the task would be done even if it takes whole day. Next whole day you won’t be able to drag yourself out of the bed.

4. Prepare to be offended (more often):

You will hear alot more comments about your weight. This one gets offensive equally for the first time or third time mommy to be. Stupid ladies with their stupid expressions will tell you how they are surprised to know that you only 13 weeks instead of being in the last trimester because you look like a whale. Or you ARE in your third trimester or look like a whale but to them you’ll be too thin then. No matter what is going with you, you are diabetic or not or have BP issues or not and none of it is no ones concern but you’ll keep running into nose poking fools telling you stupid things and spiking your blood pressure.

First time mommy bloopers

1. Panicking:

Babies cry. That’s what they all do. Eat, poop, sleep and cry when any of the formerly mentioned are required. But that doesn’t mean mommy should start crying too. Remember what the air hostess tells us before plane takes off. Breathe yourself using the emergency oxygen masks and then help your kids. So calm down, doctors are yet to lose one from crying.

2. Use the pacifier:


This one is valuable. Pacifiers have a good reason to stay in the market. You can pat yourself on the back all you want for not trying to push a binkie on your little one because you know how they cause teeth problem and how hard is to get the kids off of them later. But the nightmare begins when all that seems to calm your baby is your nipple. No matter how bad of a condition you are in but the baby wont leave you alone for a whole hour because you are the binkie now.

3. Being Possessive:

I know the hormones may drive you crazy after first pregnancy and birthing and even postpartum plays a good role in turning you a bitch. But don’t repeat the same mistakes with second or third ones. The old adage stands true that it takes a whole village to raise a baby. So share your little bundle of joy and let others hold him/ her too, to leave you some space and time for a luxury like shower while others may bond with your newborn.

4. Don’t be so hard on yourself:

You are raising a human being no matter how little and that for the first time in your life. You will make mistakes no matter how hard you try. Your baby is his own person too and they will turn out to be fine so just relax and breath.

5. Trying to do it all by yourself:

Accept help. Your mom or your mother in law knows what its like to become a mother. So if they are offering to keep the baby for a night or two so you can recover accept the offer with thanks. There are plenty of sleepless nights waiting for you and the person offering help loves you and so your baby. You can try all you want to be a super mum but you will need sleep and yeah showers and meals too.

6. When o when:

Relax, the first teeth will show, your baby will roll over sit stand up walk n talk and do every kid stuff. Don’t rush, don’t panic, don’t compare. You are just exhausting yourself over pointless. You ll be amazed how marvelous things your baby will achieve in the years to come.

7. Seeking too much advice:

They call it a mother’s intuition for a good reason. So try your best and believe in yourself. Too many experts’s books and blogs still cant beat a fellow mum’s advice who has just been there done that.