8 pregnancy secrets no one lets you in on

Pregnancy in real life is nothing like a Hollywood painted picture. It is a totally out of the regular life mind-body experience that stretch over a 9 month period turning a woman’s whole life upside down. You may have the idea that you might crave pickles at weirdest time of the day or you might or might not get stretch marks. But there is a whole lot of stuff (mostly nasty) you will never know about (because they are nasty and no one likes talking about them) unless you yourself enter this era of being pregnant.


1. You might become a gold digger:

Or nose picker as we normally say. All of a sudden the body decides to produce more mucus than normal once you are pregnant and you’ ll begin finding more boogers. More boogers inevitably leads to nose picking and if you have a toddler forget telling him not to pick his nose or be prepared to get a lecture from the same toddler, real soon.

2. Sweat:

While websites may pat this one down to “a little increased discharge” in reality there might be a whole lot of it. Particularly in the groin region which will cause you to reopen that undie drawer untouched for quite some time now. You ll need to go shop fo new pairs of undies as well as you will see you dont fit into the old ones comfortably and the sweat will leave you running out these way before the laundry day

3. You will be possessed by Nesting

Time to time a wave or two will strike by where you will have an uncontrollable urge to clean or rearrange or rid the home of anything that can be unsafe for the baby to come. You read that already on many websites but what you dont know is it would feel like may be you are on Adderall. Nothing will matter to you once you start your bizzare marathon, not the time, not your kids, not even an injured toe. Craze will be over only when the task would be done even if it takes whole day. Next whole day you won’t be able to drag yourself out of the bed.

4. Prepare to be offended (more often):

You will hear alot more comments about your weight. This one gets offensive equally for the first time or third time mommy to be. Stupid ladies with their stupid expressions will tell you how they are surprised to know that you only 13 weeks instead of being in the last trimester because you look like a whale. Or you ARE in your third trimester or look like a whale but to them you’ll be too thin then. No matter what is going with you, you are diabetic or not or have BP issues or not and none of it is no ones concern but you’ll keep running into nose poking fools telling you stupid things and spiking your blood pressure.