About Mom

stevieandfamilyI am Stevie the blogger of this blog. The idea of blogging first came to my mind back in 2009 when I became a mommy. My first born my sweet daughter was 6 months old and I was still trying to get a hang of this new game I called becoming a mother. As many of the first time mommies may relate, I was overwhelmed just as well. It was like all of a sudden a huge responsibility in my lap, a new life, a tiny baby with tiny hands and feet and everything so marvelous and all mine! I am responsible for bringing her to this place we call world.

My whole life scene flipped from being a young woman with office job lifestyle to being a stay at home mommy. And then one day when I woke up I had a new feeling a new inspiration to grow into something what I called back then, a new and improved version of Donna Reed.

I wanted to be original and have company. I felt the need of having a platform where I can share my daily experiences of motherhood.

This blog is my space where I share my funny domestic stories, how may a mommy feel like a goddess, where my goof off did took me to, or even my thoughts, ideas or self-advice that of course I once gave myself lol. The blog even serves as an inventory to my favorite recipes.

Things have changed ever since my blog was borne and I have made progress in many areas of my life like I am a mommy to two precious girls instead of one and prepared to be jealous because I am married to the most hunky hunk heart-throb English teacher you have seen (or not seen) with mystical blue eyes. Together we play Frisbee, go to the park, barb q and appreciate beer like every regular fun loving family would. Throughout the blog you may find this love of my life, in my stories. I call him my Hubby. I know. Lucky me 😉

Some amusing facts about me:

  • I love nutella! I am obsessed! I am nuts for nutella.
  • My roots grow back to me being a dorky dork in my early years. You will find proofs to it in posts to come. Yet some of it might be obvious here on this page too.
  • Prior to becoming a mommy I was a social worker. Teenagers on probation were the ones I had to work with and I love and hated my job at the same time. I sometimes miss it now too.
  • Talking on the phone makes me nervous.
  • I have a postcard sent and signed to me by (an actor name) because I sent him a letter when I was a second grader.
  • Still in love with 90s music and tv serials.

I welcome you to my fun-filled perspective of daily life. Can’t be a fool for the family? Who else can you be a fool for?