Dispose Food the Right Way

garbage-disposalEnvironmentalist and activists have exploded with cautions over the past 10-15 years. Warning that our actions, over the course of our existence. Has steadily and progressively been destroying the earth’s environment, and taking away time from its lifespan. Global warming, carbon footprint, and recycling are three of the biggest buzz words used in these out cries.

But there is one that goes un-noticed. Not because we just don’t care, or at least that is not why most of us don’t think of it. But because it is a smaller part of the overall term “garbage”.

I am talking of course about, Food waste.

Think about it. How much food have you wasted in the last day or two, I can almost guarantee you that you threw away food, even at the smallest portion—just because you didn’t want to deal with it

It is this lazy mentality that has created the outcries and the immediate crisis’s we face in sustaining a healthier, greener, and long lasting earth. We waste billions of dollars worth of food every year, and unfortunately most of the time it is just the nature of the beast.

So what can you do to stop this trend?

What means do we have to properly dispose of our food waste?

Garbage Disposals

The majority of our waste is first dumped into one trash can, then to another, then to a compacting truck, and then to a landfill. Its quite the process isn’t it? It’s the worlds best available system for bulky trash.

But you can dispose of most of your foods just by having the best garbage disposal under your kitchen sink drain. Now don’t go jamming every single piece of food waste you have down there. Or your going to be purchasing a new one.


But for the majority of your soft and easy disposed of waste from food can be sent directly to those rapidly spinning blades, allowing it to be chopped into the closest liquid form it can to promote a higher flow rate out to the sewer systems.

Routine Maintenance is necessary for both operating and sanitary reasons but a quality garbage disposal can take the majority of your wear and tear while maintain an efficient operation. But I don’t care what brand you buy do not stuff garbage like

  • Cardboard or Newspaper
  • Plastic
  • Metal

But that majority of your food waste unless it is a rough and thick piece of waste that can potentially clog your system or dull your blade.

Why It’s Good

When you dispose of food waste by using a garbage disposal system. You are doing a complimentary service to your city or towns sewer system and wastewater treatment plant.

All wastewater from your kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom is drained out of your home and into a main sewer system.

From there it goes to your local waster water treatment plant where it is processed for efficient energy saving needs. By thinning out your waste with a garbage disposal, you are maximizing the flow rate and allowing it to get to the plant a much quicker pace.

Once it reaches the treatment plant, they will use different waters for different applications and processes. By doing this we are able to use it as reusable energy, and purify it through vigorous steps of chemical reactions so that it will become usable again. Sounds disgusting I know but these plants use the best processes known to man and use the most effective filtering systems and materials.

By using these plants and processes, we reduce food waste numbers and we don’t congest our landfills. Basically, it’s another form of recycling, just instead of cardboard, plastic, glass, and aluminum cans we are recycling the water and food waste we produce daily.

You can look up a wastewater treatment plant, and get a more in depth understanding of what exactly they do every garbage disposal-dontsday. The processes and applications are complex, and I just want you to understand the basic overview of how they work, so that you can be more educated on why using your garbage disposal for disposing waste can be so beneficial. Learn about some foods that you should never dispose of in your garbage disposal and throw those in your regular trash.

Or even better, if you want to stay as green as you possibly can. Create a compost pile outside in the backyard, or another area you can hide it. This will allow biodegradable food to decompose right back into the earth.

Using these food waste management resources can really make a difference, so if you have the ability, and the finances. I heavily suggest proper usage and installation of a garbage disposal for good food waste management.